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Russian Space Force Commander on the possible Rejection of the Gabala (Azerbaijan) Radar Station
2012 June 20  

       Russia's defense will not suffer If it is decided to terminate the lease at the Gabala radar station (RLS) and "Daryal", the missile attack warning system (MAWS) in Azerbaijan. This statement made today by Oleg Ostapenko, the Lieutenant-General commander of the Russian aerospace defense 

     "At this stage, even if we abandon the Gabala station, and if the need arises there will be a decision, we will do it, so as to not cause damage to our state, its security and defense. It is our main goal," ITAR-TASS quoted Ostapenko.

     The commander also explained that the functions of the radar station "Daria" in Gabala may be assigned to the new Russian MAWS of "Voronezh" type, operating in the decimeter and meter bands.

     "Concerning the station in Armavir, it is able to solved those problems, which are served by the Gabala radar station, and at a higher level,"  said General Ostapenko, noting that the Armavir radar is better on its parameters than the station in Gabala.

       However, he did not comment on the fate of the Gabala radar station. “I’m not going to say anything in detail about the Gabala radar station, decisions will be taken and we will work in  accordance with these decisions."

 The term of the lease, the station expires at the end of this year, but six months before the parties should decide on its extension. Azerbaijan raised the rent from seven to 300 million dollars a year, Moscow has refused to pay.

    According to recent reports, officers were ordered to send their families to Russia before 1 July.

 Artur Armenson

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